1. Forty

From the recording The Time is Now

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FORTY By Mary Shapiro ©2005

40 horses drive this car and they can take me very far in my car
Makes me feel so pretty and new …like I can do what ‘ere I choose with 40…oh 40


There’s 40 acres on the farm keeps Jenny safe keeps Jim from harm-in’ his neighbors 40 acres
They feel big their chests they grow though they ain’t got so much to show for their 40 back-- ac(he)—ers


When Moses led GOD’s People out at first they danced and then they shouted at Moses: “Take us home!”
“This is rough! This is hot! The Promised Land? This is NOT”…for 40 years


It’s comin back your time of year: light the candles, smile! And face your fears of turning 40
The 20’a twist and the 30’s thrive, but honey there’s no finer time than 40 (this I know!)