Mary's Guitar Students Speak Out!

The following are testimonials from some of Mary's guitar students. For more testimonials from media to professional performers go to About Mary. If you would like to be a student too, go to Guitar Lessons for details. 

"Playing guitar has unlocked a musical side of me that I didn't even know I had. It's really fun, and Mary is great at boosting my confidence.

I love writing songs and she helps me bring my ideas to life. When I feel like I can't do something, Mary pushes me on and it all ends up sounding great."

~~Brett, Teenage Guitar Student

"Taking guitar lessons for the first time as an adult has been a challenge, but Mary teaches with flexibility and skill in many approaches--one day exploring music theory, one day teaching how to read and play notes and tab and chords, another day just playing by ear and having fun ...

Mary's patience [is] key to my progress and the joy I now experience in playing the guitar."

~~Deb, First-Time Guitar Student as an Adult

 "After interviewing several guitar teachers, we picked Mary because she is both willing to teach Milo the songs he wants to learn and the music theory he needs to know. The lessons are organized and sequential without being overly structured. Mary lets Milo lead while gently ensuring that he gets his requisite skills.

Milo enjoys practicing because he and Mary set achievable goals together. The expansion of his repertoire after the first year was amazing. Mary has also provided Milo with many opportunities to hear live music and perform."

~~Mother of Milo, Teenage Guitar Student

"I love playing guitar! Mary's a great teacher who makes it easy to learn the songs I want to play. Sometimes we go online together, and she's helped me learn how to find songs and start to play them on my own."

~~Milo, Teenage Guitar Student

 "We feel that it is music that will help Kentrell with self-esteem, with discipline, expression, focus, a place of belonging in this life …. We see Kentrell not as a wonderfully gifted musician with an unfortunate disability, but as a very special needs child wonderfully enabled by music. Mary Shapiro, her voice, her guitar and her teaching, is a blessing for our son Kentrell.

Mary Shapiro’s presence with a student goes far beyond mere teaching. On the way home from a lesson one morning, Kentrell said, “Mary makes me feel so good!”

~~Parents of Kentrell, Teenage Special Needs Guitar Student

"Mary Shapiro is both a talented musician and a talented educator. Her lessons are fun, engaging, challenging and effective, filled with laughter, singing, learning, and of course a lot of guitar playing. 

 My daughter counts the days until her session with Mary. Anyone with a 7 year old taking music lessons knows that this is a special thing indeed!
 Mary can bring out the musician in just about anyone."

~~Father of Sophie, Young Guitar Student